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Unemployment Solution?

Recently I got involved with a great cell phone company, Solavei. I know great and cell phone company don’t really go hand in hand, but get this. Not only do I get all of my services of voice, data and text for $49 a month, but their referral program is amazing. At a basic level you get $20 a month for every referral. Now I know this doesn’t sound like much but imagine the possibilities! First you could work to get your cell phone bill paid every month! That’s only 9 people! Anyways, I decided to think deeper…

Imagine this. A small business offering this to their employees. Now I know first hand that making minimum wage is never fun, nor is it profitable at all. It makes everyday a struggle and every night a worry as to how you are going to support your family. Every job you get turned away from is a missed opportunity and every gallon you pour into your tank is an added expense you trying and figure a way around.

BUT, what if a business or manager offered something on the side. Something that not only gave employees an option to lessen their cell phone bill, but also make money on the side of their work at the office. People who make money on this will either stay because they love their work or leave. If they stay you know that you have someone who truly loves their job and sees the value behind and wants to provide that to customers and clients… if they leave, guess what happens, a position opens up for someone else. Someone who may or may not love the job, but by virtue of them working is decreasing the unemployment rate.

This of course puts money in their pocket, of which they will be able to better their lives and take care of their family more, which through this is putting money back into the economy which seemly tanking more and more every day. Imagine the ability to give people power again and self-esteem. The power to manage their lives with out worry of how they are going to pay rent and the self-esteem to stand up and say I am worth more!

Sometimes I feel idealistic, but imagine a world without the stress we seem to have. Imagine being able to walk with your head high again because you wanted not for food, but instead you wanted to share this with others. Imagine managers being able to give more to their employees without having to worry about their own bottom line. Imagine helping bring down unemployment while still keeping employees satisfied in their position and prosperity. So what if they leave I say give them wings!

Take away from the enslavement of a job and let people get back to wanting to work instead of having to work. We work harder than any other country it seems and take less time to ourselves. Isn’t it about time to take some time for the most important people in our lives? Ourselves and our family need us. Imagine a way to give them more.

Learn how you too can get paid by your cell service!

Learn how you too can get paid by your cell service!

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