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“Free Money” Organizations

So after a few weeks of deliberation I’m finally starting to piece together a plan to setup some organizations that will help to fund a variety of non-profits. I’m not sure on how to set these entities up legally yet, but am looking for suggestions. Each organization will be dedicate to one cause or another. At the moment I want to focus on helping people pay off student loans and after seeing a documentary on pit bull bans, I want to set something up to help out organizations that help people better understand this naturally loyal animals that has had so much bad publicity places on it due to negligence and misuse/treatment of owners.

I don’t suspect setting up the organization should be that hard as it’s just formulating by laws and filling out paper and paying fees, but the funding of the organization is where it may get tricky and where I feel a lawyer being involved is important. If I can set up a non-profit that would be awesome, if I have to fund one for legal reason and setting one up separate than my original plan then I understand that as well.

I’m looking for some pro-bono legal assistance on this as I have the idea for it, just not the funding for lawyer visits or retainers. Once set up though there can be some reimbursement, I just need to get it established first.

If anyone knows of someone who would like to tackle an interesting case on setting up non-profits to help people (and animals) please let me know. There is no limit to where this can go  and no limit to how many people we can help.

Help me pay it forward and you’ll definately get taken care of on the back end.

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