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Ode to the brand ambassador… We salute you.

Quick! You have about 15 seconds to make a positive impression on that passerby.  Talk to them, be witty, make them smile. Remind them or introduce them to a new product or service and have them stop. Free samples of ice cream, a tee shirt, mouse pad, astroglide? Really?

How about you do it in costume or on a chair and girls, don’t forget to fluff you hair,

be real nice because it is our job to entice.

Hey you over there! Take a picture while the rest stare.

Get attention anyway you can, everyone is our fan! 

make em smile and give them swag have them wear a button with your sponsors tag

watch out for heat, cold, snow and rain although it doesn’t matter for we don’t refrain

We’re paid to promote your brand, but sometimes we took the job just to see the band.

We live to entice and look nice, get free teeshirts and increase our wardrobe for a price.

Some feel above the job at hand and we see them there in the back they stand.

The true ambassador you’ll know on cue, cause we’re the one that’s talking to you. 


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