Cherish the love

Sometimes its easy sometimes its not.
Forever gets shorter when you tie the knot.
The one you love knows you better than yourself
Don’t  let your feelings gathering dust on the shelf.
Take them down and spread ’em around the feet of your better half
Stopp arguing with them acting as someone who’s daft
Remember you vows
Figure out the how’s
Strive for more better than worse
Avoid the blame and resentment like a curse
The roughest parts will always dwindle and fade
What remains is the lasting love that we’ve made

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Turtleshell backpack

Now this thing is a hard pack to break into. Ironically before I realized it was a turtle shell I was thinking how awesome it would be to have a turtle shell backpack for motorcycling!  Those things are tough as hell to break and would offer some awesome protectionif you drop your bike. Apparently this guy bet me to the punch.


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Frustrations with creativity

Now i’m not a creative guy and never really have been, except in setting up and fixing certain things. My creativity in geery rigging things is amazing! I can McGyver pretty much anything I work on. Unfortunately that means I’m the only one that knows how it works. Recently I’ve been trying to get into this whole blogging thing and realizing it’s a bit tougher than it seems. 

My Solution.. Stop Trying so hard.

I read some of these other blogs people have put up and they are well thought out and put together in a manner that has a stream to it. A beginning, middle and end, all laced with fantastic pictures and videos that go along with the topic at hand.

My topic? never really have one it seems. I have a ton of ramblings and you are welcome to read them and enjoy. I wish you luck sometimes in trying to understand my thoughts. I take that back. A lot of them make sense, but there is a good amount where even I have to step back and ponder their meaning.

Blogging just doesn’t seem to come natural to everyone. I only say this because if it’s not natural for me then I’m hoping there is someone else out there who feels my pain. The allure is there though and I’m going to keep trying. It could be that I have hunger pangs happening at the moment. Which always clouds my thoughts. As I’m sure it does for everyone.

So I’m off to eat me some foodage. Not sure if you made it to the end of this, but if you did congrats and bear with me. I’ll get better and when I do you’ll be addicted. Maybe I’ll even through some pictures up too!

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Ode to the brand ambassador… We salute you.

Quick! You have about 15 seconds to make a positive impression on that passerby.  Talk to them, be witty, make them smile. Remind them or introduce them to a new product or service and have them stop. Free samples of ice cream, a tee shirt, mouse pad, astroglide? Really?

How about you do it in costume or on a chair and girls, don’t forget to fluff you hair,

be real nice because it is our job to entice.

Hey you over there! Take a picture while the rest stare.

Get attention anyway you can, everyone is our fan! 

make em smile and give them swag have them wear a button with your sponsors tag

watch out for heat, cold, snow and rain although it doesn’t matter for we don’t refrain

We’re paid to promote your brand, but sometimes we took the job just to see the band.

We live to entice and look nice, get free teeshirts and increase our wardrobe for a price.

Some feel above the job at hand and we see them there in the back they stand.

The true ambassador you’ll know on cue, cause we’re the one that’s talking to you. 


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10 Things to know prior to ordering food for be delivered to your house.

1. Delivery is dangerous to the driver.

Every time you make a call to order you r food you are asking someone to put themselves on the road with other drivers, pedestrians and animals. This risk greatly increases as the day / night progresses. First increase in traffic both pedestrian and vehicular starts around lunch, people are rushing around trying to get to their lunch spot before their hour is up. They are under the gun at times to get in and out, have their focus on the getting back to work and making sure they have some food in their gut before that happens. During lunch time traffic ebbs a little as people are eating, but once that meal is done they are back on the road racing back to work before their time is up. Then there is a decrease in traffic before people head home for the day. Which leads to the second increase of the day in traffic. Quitting time. Quitting time being from 4-6 there is a drastic increase of people on the road. They’ve had a long day and most everyone is done with it. They want to get home, relax and call it good from the day with their family or joining friends for a relaxing drink. From here on out we have the increase of orders to delivery shops as people realize they just don’t want to cook and it’s easier just to order out, also this begins the time of happy hours in bars. Which leads us to an ever increasing risk of being on the road. The later into the night you go the less and less people seem to pay attention to what is going on. Either they are too involved with people they are walking with are focused on their destination more than what’s going on around them. From here on out there isn’t really too much of an increase of traffic from quitting time, however the risk increases mainly due to the amount of people who are influenced by alcohol and driving on the road. Not to mention nightfall, where there is less visibility and an increase of risk. On top of all this delivery drivers are generally alone while delivering and have a great chance of being mugged, especially as night comes on. So before you order understand the risk you asking a stranger to take before you pick up the phone.

2. Delivery drivers are the end of the line of your order.

The delivery driver has the job of delivery. Not cooking, generally not taking your order or verifying your order is correct at the end of that transaction. There is no need to take our your frustration on that driver. His or her job is to know the roads, fastest routes depending on traffic and getting the address and the order correct when delivering more than one order. There are at least two people prior to that order being delivered that the driver has no control over. If your order is running a little late or is not exactly what you order be sure no to take it out on them and make sure your order is right before getting off them phone the first time.

3. Parking in the city is not easy.

Understand parking is not easy, especially at night when spots are taken up quickly. Drivers take a lot of risk at times of getting tickets for inventive parking, dealing with rental managers for misusing a spot for a couple seconds or fighting for a spot with other deliver drivers.

4. You are asking someone to bring you food. Stay awake!

One of the biggest pet peeves of deliver is that of the sleeper. Not only does this waste food at the restaurant, but you called for food because you did not want to leave or were too tired after work to cook yourself. Appreciate the process and the person who brought you the food. Think about what you would pay someone to go get you food. Take into account gas and time it takes to get to where you at in comparison to the location you are ordering from.

5. The delivery driver did not cook your food.

Again, you ordered the food from someone else and then someone else cooked it, not the delivery driver. They were probably out delivering food to someone else when you food was being made. If you have praises or disagreement with your order, then please verify the order with the deliver driver or pass on the positive or negative feedback to the driver or shop itself, but don’t take it out on the driver.

6. There are such things as BLACK LISTS.

Yes, you can be black listed form a shop. It happens all the time. Generally because the person routinely is not available after calling or more commonly the driver is not compensated for their efforts.

7. Free delivery isn’t free.

Free deliver is a nice way of saying “We’re not going to charge you to deliver food to you because we trust you’ll take care of our driver”. If you feel free deliver means don’t tip the driver or don’t tip adequately you are mistaken. Bringing you food costs money, the shop has to take out a huge insurance policy to even allow deliver in their shop, not to mention they generally pay the driver a little stipend per deliver (generally around $.50), plus to the driver it costs money. Money for gas and money for use on their car, not to mention the insurance they need to keep on the car in order to be able to deliver to you in the first place.

8. Delivery drivers have to maintain their cars themselves.

Back to the not free delivery. It costs money to maintain a car. I say this mainly to the peopl who don’t drive and use public transportation. There is insurance, oil changes, transmission flushes, brakes that need to be repaired, belts that need to be replace and the most expensive is gas.

9. Gas price is not cheap

If you live anywhere where deliver is available you have to know about the gas prices. Notice how the never go down? Yeah, it’s not cheap. At the time of this posting prices are at $3.50 and up in most places per gallon. By the end od the night depending on delivers you’re spending a good quarter of your tips on the gas you used bringing food around town.

10. The weather is the same for everyone.

Yes, it’s cold outside… or hot… You are comfortable in your house or business where air conditioning and heat is prevalent and not going in or out all day long into conflicting temperatures. Take care of the person who does that for you, remember the weather you don’t want to deal with is the same weather they just spent 5-30 mins traipsing through to bring you that delicious meal you wanted.

I write this because I have seen where drivers are not treated the way they should be. Most people are pretty good and understand, but some people out there seem to think that drivers do it out of the goodness of their heart or are compensated nicely by the shop. Not the case at all. Drivers spend more money bringing you your food than waitstaff do any day of the week, yet they are barely taken care of on the same level or even close. When you spend money to go out the average diner spends more money between getting there, paying for parking and then on the waitstaff themselves while dodging traffic all at the same time to and fro. Remember when you order food you’re asking someone to do all that for you.

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Ahhh… Denver…

Well it’s been a while. I know, finding we had to move back to Denver after spending a year in Telluride. Talk about a trip! It was a great experience, but had a huge lack in jobs… Got to do everything from snowboard to work at 11,000 ft at a french restaurant as a busser to selling advertising for the local paper to working as a ranch hand during the day and slicing up pizza at night. Quite the ride! hell we even had 5 chickens! Fresh eggs every day.   I was fun.

BUT, now we’re back and I’m back in promotions. After 1 year of struggling to find work in Telluride, I move back here and find work there quite easily which landed me back a few times since moving to Denver. Got to love promotions.

Now however we are getting settled. Finally found a house by DU, I started working for Ogilvy advertising on a contract for their AMEX program helping push for Small Business Shopping. I can get behind that. Kind of weird being back in corporate society. We didn’t have a large corporation for miles around in Telluride. Different lifestyle… Recently joined up with Solavei.com as well to help manage our cell phone budget. $49 bucks fr everything? Yes please. You’re gonna pay me for this too? Alright if you insist. 🙂

It’s good to be home though. Took a bit transitioning  but everything works out just how it’s supposed to. So Hello bright lights and big city! Just when I thought I was out… You lured me back in…

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New Years

Ended up staying at Daryl Hanna’s ranch this new years eve. It was a pretty nice place, considering that it wasn’t even the true part of the ranch. This house was a secondary place on the property. Lucky guy who moved in there is paying hardly nothing for rent and all he has to do is take care of the animals on the ranch occasionally. It’s pretty awesome deal if you ask me. Nothing to see but beautiful mountains and land to roam for as far as the eye can see. It’s definitely nice out there, quiet… Doesn’t hurt either that the floors are heated and there is an awesome view from everywhere in the house. It was a nice quiet evening. Sean and Mandee came up to share New Years with us and our buddy Darin invited us out there. Being there made me a appreciate things in my life that sometimes I take for granted unintentionally. It’s always amazing how a simple change in scenery can help to clarify priorities in your life. You really see what matters to you and how you can adjust your life to create the one you want. I think living out here and continually seeing what is possible in this area only makes me want to work harder to achieve my dreams for myself and my family….. Happy New Years!!!!

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We all have to start somewhere…

ImageSo this being my first blog post I thought I’d simply start writing to see where I end up. I’ve been sitting here for the past two weeks twiddling my thumbs. My wife is the one who is working now, leaving me, for the first time in my recollection, unintentionally unemployed. This has lead me to the irritation of cabin fever. The dogs keep me some company, but with the van broke down and no money to speak of at the moment I am at a loss.

So, here I am, getting back onto the super highway I have been trying to get away from for so long and yet it seems to be my only communication with the outside world. We moved to Telluride about 3 months ago and banked everything on it and are now finally starting to see the fruits or our leap of faith.

Talk about a leap of faith too! We came down on a whim to check out some new mountain towns. My wife picked Telluride one afternoon and we started driving. not knowing that Telluride was 9 hours away from Central City, where we came from. We got here at around 10 at night, the entire town is dead, there were two bars open and later that night we found out we were in off season. Off season… The time when the town shuts down. This threw us for a bit as it did not make any sense to us. Later we found that the town has two real seasons. Summer and Winter, the rest is off season. Put in another way, the town essentially works 8 months out of the year and takes 4 months off (4 for winter and summer, and then 2 months off in between).  Pretty crazy. This entire town has been a culture shock.

The next morning we woke to find ourselves surrounded by simple awesomeness. We had found ourselves in the middle of valley surrounded by some of the most awe inspiring mountains I’ve seen in my life. Being that I’ve lived in a few places in my time this is saying a bit. After our experience here we decided we were home. No other place has been as kind to us and excepting. Within 6 hours we had found a place to live and a job for my wife.

We went home and quit our jobs, packed our things, said goodbye to our friends and took our dogs and left for Telluride. I can’t remember the last time I was moved so much to be as spontaneous on such a large life effecting scale. We burnt through our savings and beat our van to the ground, but we’re here and haven’t been anything but happy since.

I understand now what people say when they talk of places speaking to them because that’s what happened to us. Only this time we listened.

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