Name: Shawn Kittel

Location: Denver, CO

Occupation: Marketer by design / Student by choice

Relationship: Married

Hi, Shawn here. I seem to have views in the sky and am looking to build a foundation to stay up there and achieve my lofty aspirations. I feel I need to update this as much as possible. I’ve always been a bit of a transient soul drifting from this place to that. Recently moving back from Telluride, CO, which happens to be the most awe inspiring place I’ve ever been, to Denver, CO, a place that I hold dear to my heart due to the friends and business adventures I’ve had here. Now that we’re back though we found out we’re having a baby! So that’s one more addition I’ll be adding to repertoire of my labels. Now along with being a son, brother, friend, husband, and coworker, I’m not blessed with being a father to someone. That’s just amazing!! I’ve always had a want and dream to be a father, but now that the day has come, or is coming, I’m starting to worry about the world this child is coming into… It seems there are morals and a connection to society that has been lost through out the years. Albeit my wife and I are working to create a more sustainable world and feel that through this and the focus on community we can give our child the up bringing I remember and not one of digital separation.

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