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Cherish the love

Sometimes its easy sometimes its not.
Forever gets shorter when you tie the knot.
The one you love knows you better than yourself
Don’t  let your feelings gathering dust on the shelf.
Take them down and spread ’em around the feet of your better half
Stopp arguing with them acting as someone who’s daft
Remember you vows
Figure out the how’s
Strive for more better than worse
Avoid the blame and resentment like a curse
The roughest parts will always dwindle and fade
What remains is the lasting love that we’ve made

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Turtleshell backpack

Now this thing is a hard pack to break into. Ironically before I realized it was a turtle shell I was thinking how awesome it would be to have a turtle shell backpack for motorcycling!  Those things are tough as hell to break and would offer some awesome protectionif you drop your bike. Apparently this guy bet me to the punch.


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Frustrations with creativity

Now i’m not a creative guy and never really have been, except in setting up and fixing certain things. My creativity in geery rigging things is amazing! I can McGyver pretty much anything I work on. Unfortunately that means I’m the only one that knows how it works. Recently I’ve been trying to get into this whole blogging thing and realizing it’s a bit tougher than it seems. 

My Solution.. Stop Trying so hard.

I read some of these other blogs people have put up and they are well thought out and put together in a manner that has a stream to it. A beginning, middle and end, all laced with fantastic pictures and videos that go along with the topic at hand.

My topic? never really have one it seems. I have a ton of ramblings and you are welcome to read them and enjoy. I wish you luck sometimes in trying to understand my thoughts. I take that back. A lot of them make sense, but there is a good amount where even I have to step back and ponder their meaning.

Blogging just doesn’t seem to come natural to everyone. I only say this because if it’s not natural for me then I’m hoping there is someone else out there who feels my pain. The allure is there though and I’m going to keep trying. It could be that I have hunger pangs happening at the moment. Which always clouds my thoughts. As I’m sure it does for everyone.

So I’m off to eat me some foodage. Not sure if you made it to the end of this, but if you did congrats and bear with me. I’ll get better and when I do you’ll be addicted. Maybe I’ll even through some pictures up too!

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