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Ahhh… Denver…

Well it’s been a while. I know, finding we had to move back to Denver after spending a year in Telluride. Talk about a trip! It was a great experience, but had a huge lack in jobs… Got to do everything from snowboard to work at 11,000 ft at a french restaurant as a busser to selling advertising for the local paper to working as a ranch hand during the day and slicing up pizza at night. Quite the ride! hell we even had 5 chickens! Fresh eggs every day.   I was fun.

BUT, now we’re back and I’m back in promotions. After 1 year of struggling to find work in Telluride, I move back here and find work there quite easily which landed me back a few times since moving to Denver. Got to love promotions.

Now however we are getting settled. Finally found a house by DU, I started working for Ogilvy advertising on a contract for their AMEX program helping push for Small Business Shopping. I can get behind that. Kind of weird being back in corporate society. We didn’t have a large corporation for miles around in Telluride. Different lifestyle… Recently joined up with as well to help manage our cell phone budget. $49 bucks fr everything? Yes please. You’re gonna pay me for this too? Alright if you insist. 🙂

It’s good to be home though. Took a bit transitioning  but everything works out just how it’s supposed to. So Hello bright lights and big city! Just when I thought I was out… You lured me back in…

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