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New Years

Ended up staying at Daryl Hanna’s ranch this new years eve. It was a pretty nice place, considering that it wasn’t even the true part of the ranch. This house was a secondary place on the property. Lucky guy who moved in there is paying hardly nothing for rent and all he has to do is take care of the animals on the ranch occasionally. It’s pretty awesome deal if you ask me. Nothing to see but beautiful mountains and land to roam for as far as the eye can see. It’s definitely nice out there, quiet… Doesn’t hurt either that the floors are heated and there is an awesome view from everywhere in the house. It was a nice quiet evening. Sean and Mandee came up to share New Years with us and our buddy Darin invited us out there. Being there made me a appreciate things in my life that sometimes I take for granted unintentionally. It’s always amazing how a simple change in scenery can help to clarify priorities in your life. You really see what matters to you and how you can adjust your life to create the one you want. I think living out here and continually seeing what is possible in this area only makes me want to work harder to achieve my dreams for myself and my family….. Happy New Years!!!!

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