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We all have to start somewhere…

ImageSo this being my first blog post I thought I’d simply start writing to see where I end up. I’ve been sitting here for the past two weeks twiddling my thumbs. My wife is the one who is working now, leaving me, for the first time in my recollection, unintentionally unemployed. This has lead me to the irritation of cabin fever. The dogs keep me some company, but with the van broke down and no money to speak of at the moment I am at a loss.

So, here I am, getting back onto the super highway I have been trying to get away from for so long and yet it seems to be my only communication with the outside world. We moved to Telluride about 3 months ago and banked everything on it and are now finally starting to see the fruits or our leap of faith.

Talk about a leap of faith too! We came down on a whim to check out some new mountain towns. My wife picked Telluride one afternoon and we started driving. not knowing that Telluride was 9 hours away from Central City, where we came from. We got here at around 10 at night, the entire town is dead, there were two bars open and later that night we found out we were in off season. Off season… The time when the town shuts down. This threw us for a bit as it did not make any sense to us. Later we found that the town has two real seasons. Summer and Winter, the rest is off season. Put in another way, the town essentially works 8 months out of the year and takes 4 months off (4 for winter and summer, and then 2 months off in between).  Pretty crazy. This entire town has been a culture shock.

The next morning we woke to find ourselves surrounded by simple awesomeness. We had found ourselves in the middle of valley surrounded by some of the most awe inspiring mountains I’ve seen in my life. Being that I’ve lived in a few places in my time this is saying a bit. After our experience here we decided we were home. No other place has been as kind to us and excepting. Within 6 hours we had found a place to live and a job for my wife.

We went home and quit our jobs, packed our things, said goodbye to our friends and took our dogs and left for Telluride. I can’t remember the last time I was moved so much to be as spontaneous on such a large life effecting scale. We burnt through our savings and beat our van to the ground, but we’re here and haven’t been anything but happy since.

I understand now what people say when they talk of places speaking to them because that’s what happened to us. Only this time we listened.

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